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One Step is a Danish Non -Government Organization (NGO) located in the city of Aarhus, Denmark.

The aim of the organization is, according to its articles, " to help individuals of the Third World in their attempt to be self-supporting."

The organization is composed of a committee, a chairman and a treasurer. The financial records are submitted annually to an accountant for approval.

All work is done on a voluntary non-profit basis, and no one in the organization, including the members of the committee, receives any kind of payment.

Funding for our work is created through memberships, donations and sponsorships of specific projects. In addition, two annual markets are held, in summer and at Christmas, where merchandise mainly from Third World countries is sold.

One Step has throughout the 11 years of its existence supported persons in, for example, Tanzania, Senegal, Niger, Uganda, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Brazil.

On the basis of submitted applications (there's a link), the committee decides in January, May and December which persons the organization will support. Support is given for a maximum of one year at a time, but additional periods may be applied for.

Support is given to:

-individuals who will start their own businesses, begin short-term training or professional education. For example, Evelyne from Uganda was given support to establish a sewing workshop, and now sews school uniforms. Or Israt from Nepal, who is currently learning to be a social worker.

-groups with projects for the development of joint businesses and crafts. For example, Parul from Bangladesh has for the past several years annually trained about 45 women in such crafts as sewing and basketwork, as a help to self-support.

The individual projects are closely followed. The funding is given to a local volunteer whom is known to the committee, and who is responsible for the applicant recieving the support. The project's progress is evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that its goals are achieved.

One Step is always open to new ideas, new members and enquiries for help.

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